Tour 360° San Cristobal Island

360 San Cristobal Island Day Tour

From:7:00 AM. To:5:00 PM.

The tour begins with Rosa Blanca Beach on San Cristóbal, which sits on a small bay with several beaches that are best known for their scenic dunes. On a snorkeling exploration of the area, you might get to see several shark species, rays, and sea turtles.

Next, we set off for Punta Pitt to do some bird watching from the boat. As with many shorelines in the Galápagos, the shore hear is crowded with sea lions. Punta Pitt is the only location in the Galapágos where you can spot all three species of Boobies as well as the two species of frigates that nest here. All three species of booby live in harmony because each has its own territory — the Nazca boobbies nest along the cliffs, while the red-footed boobies live among the bushes that grow near the cliffs, and the blue-footed boobies make their nests farther inland.

After bird watching, you’ll set sail for Sardine Bay to do some more snorkeling. Sardine Bay comprises two beaches, both with crystal clear water that provides a home to all kinds of marine wildlife. Besides the usual rays and sea turtles, you can also expect to see sardines, octopi, lobsters, langoustines, and mullet — to name just a few.

Punta Pucuna’s sandy beach provides the stark contrast to the volcanic landscape just behind the beach, with lava cones rising in the background. This area offers a splendid view of Cerro Brujo and Kicker Rock from a distance. The tour pauses so you have a chance to take some photographs. Then, you’ll continue to explore the islands on a 45-minute hike.

The next leg of the trip bring you two of the most well-known sights around San Cristobál — Cerro Brujo and Kicker Rock. You’ll take a panga ride to boat around a rocky outcrop of Cerro Brujo, which is the remains of a collapsed volcanic tuff. Kicker Rock is another volcanic formation, which first appeared when a sharp spike of lava erupted from below the water’s surface. You’ll notice lots of marine birds perching on the rock before donning your snorkeling gear for an hour-long snorkel.

This snorkeling exploration takes place in the canal next to Kicker Rock. At the opening of the canal, you’ll be in water that’s about 115 feet (35 m) deep and ends at a depth of 39 feet (12 m). While you’re here, you’ll have the chance to see black tip sharks, white tips sharks, Galápagos sharks, hammerhead sharks, eagle rays, sea turtles, and sea lions.


Red footed boobies, Blue footed boobies, frigates, sea lions, reef fish, marine turtle, rays, hammerhead sharks, endemic birds.

Wath to bring & To use :

Small backpack (waterproof), Comfortable walking shoes, Sneakers or rubber soles, Shorts Trousers, T-shirts, Long and Short sleeved shirts Windbreaker, Bathing suit, Wet suit (for snorkeling between June - November), Hat or cap, Toilette kit, Sun block, Sunglasses, Binoculars, Camera & camcorder.


Transportation, English speaking Naturalist Guide,Lunch,norkel equipment, Excursions, drinking water.

Normal Price (p/p): USD 195.00
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